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Eight Great Towns, One Great Lake
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Is it Time to Do Your Own Thing?

Posted on May 16th, 2017

By Rich Kochanny

My wife and I were both living in Chicago, working for large companies doing the daily grind, when we were introduced to Harbor Country. It was love at first sight. We would often talk about moving there some day, and how could we make that happen, but we were young and had great jobs, so our long term Harbor Country dreams were not likely to happen anytime soon. 

We settled with a small cabin in the woods, which we would visit as often as possible and spend as much time as we could afford. We dreaded the inevitable Sunday evening drive back to the grind, leaving our haven behind until next time. This went on for a few years, but as fate would have it our job situations changed. My company consolidated operations and moved south, her company did the same and moved north, and we found ourselves at a cross road. Look for new jobs, or break out on our own. We chose the latter, decided to try our ideas in Harbor Country and 22 years later have never looked back.

The funny thing is once we got here we quickly learned that our story was not so unique. Harbor Country is full of transplants just like us who had a life and career somewhere else, visited, fell in love with the area, and ultimately made a life here.

So if you ever had that feeling that you wanted try your hand at an entrepreneurial endeavor, consider trying it in Harbor Country. There is a network of helpful business owners who were just like you, along with the Harbor Country Chamber of Commerce, here to lend a hand at every step of the way.

We couldn’t have done it without them!

Rich Kochanny

About the Author: Rich & Eileen Kochanny are the owners of Harbor Country Storage with locations in New Buffalo, Grand Beach, Three Oaks and Sawyer. They are the developers of the Vineyard Lofts in Harbert and active volunteers in the community. Rich is the current President of the Harbor Country Chamber of Commerce.

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