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Lights!  Cameras!  Three Oaks!  The Making of Prancer Movie

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Lights!  Cameras!  Three Oaks!  The Making of Prancer Movie

Saturday, July 20, 2019
12:00 pm (Expired)
Vickers Theatre
6 N. Elm St.
Three Oaks, MI 49128
Cost: $5 Donation

“Lights!  Cameras!  Three Oaks!  The Making of Prancer,” a new film detailing the time Three Oaks shone in Hollywood’s spotlight, will premiere at noon on Saturday, July 20, at the Vickers Theatre, 6 N. Elm St.  The film is the fourth from The Region of Three Oaks Museum documenting the area’s history.

Thirty years ago, the movie "Prancer" was filmed in Three Oaks and surrounding towns.  This film, produced by TROTOM member Nick Bogert, looks back on the experience, featuring the recollections of the movie's director John Hancock, a child star and local folks who appeared as extras.  Behind-the-scenes moments are recalled, such as why the film crew wanted to eat reindeer and how the film's star made a little extra money on set.

The film includes an original soundtrack written and produced by Garth Taylor to evoke memories of the Eighties when the “Prancer” was made.

“I created a ‘sound palette’ of artists, tunes, beats and orchestrations closely identified with that decade. The melodies are original, though some arrangements are modeled on famous riffs or accompaniments from that era.  I will consider it a success if people say it reminds them of the Go Gos, the Bangles or Dire Straits,” Taylor said.

A question and answer session with Bogert and Hancock will follow the new 13-minute feature.

Bogert, a freelance television producer, also produced “Father of the Featherbone,” the story of local founder E. K. Warren, “The Pokagons:  More Than Just a Casino,” a documentary about the early days of the Pokagon Band of Potawatomie Indians, and “Joe Savoldi:  Gridder, Grappler, Hustler Spy” detailing the colorful life of one of town’s favorite sons who went on to create a name for himself beyond the region. The films are available for viewing during museum hours and by special request.  DVDs are available at the Museum or by calling 269-756-3547.

Doors open at 11:30 a.m. for the premiere showing of “Lights! Cameras! Three Oaks! The Making of Prancer.”  A $5 donation is requested.  DVDs of both the original movie and the TROTOM feature will be available.

The Museum, located at 5 Featherbone Ave., next to the Acorn Theater, is a volunteer organization dedicated to serving the social, historic and cultural heritage of Harbor Country.  The Museum is open free of charge May through October on Friday-Sunday from noon to 5 p.m.  Further information can be found at or write