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Eight Great Towns, One Great Lake
  • Harbor Country Chamber of Commerce
  • 15311 Three Oaks Rd
  • Three Oaks, MI 49128
  • 269-469-5409
  • Welcome to Harbor Country

    From the glistening white sands of Lake Michigan’s beaches to the beautiful countryside, Harbor Country combines the best of two worlds. Rustic country charm coupled with highly sophisticated shops, lodging, restaurants and galleries. Fun, relaxation and discovery to be enjoyed year around.
    Officially, the term Harbor Country is a trademarked designation for the southwesterly portion of Berrien County, Michigan. Unofficially, it is a land sprinkled with charming hamlets, long stretches of beach, and friendly people. Harbor Country proper includes Michiana, Grand Beach, New Buffalo, Union Pier, Lakeside, Harbert, Sawyer and Three Oaks.

    Calendar of Events

    Art Attack 2017

    Join the excitement of one of the Midwest's most eclectic interactive celebrations of 'All that is Art. Schedule now available! Follow the link...

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    What's New

    Getting Connected at the Acorn

    By Doreen Stelton

    To feel enveloped in a welcoming place with friendly folk. You know this feeling? You know it. We all share it. That desire to connect with others, to get social and commune.  Perhaps even sharing a deeper experience together, basking in the beauty and mysteries of life. For a lifetime, a day, a m…

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    The Barns of Berrien County

    By B.A. Brittingham

    It’s a gorgeous day in early spring. The sun is glorious in spite of the lingering chill of winter; it is just the sort of morning that is ideal for a leisurely drive — and for seeing what small gems the southwestern Michigan countryside holds.

    Among my favorite are what I list in an album as “The …

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